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The artdrugz – Time lapse character sketches

The ArtDrugz are a collaboration between Marc Austin & Truck Julius. Time Lapse sketches are original characters sped up a few times. Music provided by Truck Julius 

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Digital Art





(Original Design)

24″ x 36″


What Does Mark Do?

Crazy Stuff..



Clean Cuts,

Flattering Angles


Fly Sh#t ..

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Mixed Media

Marc is inspired by the mundane as well as the ephemeral. He uses any and everything he can get his hands on in his work.

The taste, smells, sights and sounds of awareness. Some would say the heightened sensual nature of realization is too much, for Marc it is never enough.  


visual art

Tones, textures, highlights and low lights.

A dizzying array of  Visual Expressions straight from the mind of an artistic madman. 

Featured Video – “Unseen Beauty”

The 2016 Utility Box Project was sponsored by the Springfield Central Cultural District.

The Official Unveiling is set for June 23 @ 3pm.

Marc Austin was among 18 artists chosen to implement their designs on electrical relay boxes throughout the Western Massachusetts area.

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