“being creative is my life”

Marc Austin was born in Daytona Beach Florida and migrated up to the Western Mass area as a young boy. Having been exposed to the artistic cultures from both areas as a child was a very liberating and eye opening experience for the young artist. It wasn’t long before the lure of Graffiti in his new city of Springfield Massachusetts pulled him in. After learning the basics, and getting a handle on Airbrushing, he eventually branched off and started to explore all elements of visual media, up to the point of questioning what art is in itself actually is. The answers came and so did more questions…
Marc can be credited by many of his childhood friends as always having had a colorful personality. It wasn’t until later he realized his artistic style was a mix of Impressionism and De Stijl. The sublime and the archaic. As Jackson Pollack once said, “I don’t paint nature, I am Nature…”
“I Couldn’t Tell Anyone To Walk in Their Truth, Till I Ran A Marathon In Mine.. Take Your Own Mask Off, Look Deep In The Mirror, And Be Inspired..”

” Yin and Yang.
The creative is also the sexual.
Esoteric, Etheric and Inescapable..

The Bell Of Atonement reverberates off each segment of my spine and harkens me back from the Land Of Death/Sleep. I awaken filled with gratitude and speak Life and Love into each Spirit I encounter. Be encouraged, this Life is not all, there are tools in the form of principles that will serve each of us at the next stop. Take some time and observe it all

Springfield Native to Showcase Art at the UMass Center

Thursday, July 27, 2017-Springfield, MA – The UMass Center is the next stop for a local artist hoping to make his mark on the world of modern art.  Springfield resident Marcus Hickley grew up in a city known for its rich history of “firsts” and diverse cultures.  Now he uses art to reflect those multiple cultures.  Hickley’s artwork focuses on people of color in pop culture. And next week his work will be featured in a pop-up gallery at the UMass Center in downtown Springfield.

On August 2nd from 4:30-6pm, the Springfield Central Cultural District (SCCD) will hosts its third installment of the Art Stops Program.  The event features independent gallery openings at multiple stops.  All five galleries will have a completely different feel based on the featured artist.


“In creating the Art Stops program, we didn’t simply focus on artistic quality, but rather, weighed innovation heavily in placement,” said Morgan Drewniary, Executive Director of the Springfield Central Cultural District (SCCD).  “Marcus’ work exemplifies this spirit – he is a young artist looking internally for inspiration, and then reaching for a bevy of materials to express his vision, weaving gold, leather, and silk into his paintings. The product is something accessible, but intensely personal, that appeals to a very wide audience.”


While Hickley’s art will be showcased at the UMass Center through the end of September, four other artists’ works will be displayed at 1550 Main Street, New England Public Radio (NEPR), the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts (CFWM), and the TD Bank Building.  In NEPR will be Lynn Sisler, with mixed-media pieces inspired by the natural world. 1550 Main will feature Frank Carter, a well-known painter out of Indian Orchard Mills, displaying large, colorful paintings.  Amanda Tobin, a recent graduate working with acrylic and unusual items like sand, will show in CFWM. The TD Bank Building will display the photography of Joanne Bell, featuring local shots.






at the speed of life

“Life throws our creativity curveballs.”

“The main thing is to continue being true to your creative endeavors,

at all costs…”

“After 20+ years of being living and breathing Art, I believe I’ve finally found a style. More like a lifestyle I’ll call “Line’alism” for now. It involves contrasting lines which intermingle on the surface plane and tones of color underneath that shift and quake like tectonic plates. Like a life of immense talent and the undertones Of depression some deal with. I’ve been into lines and strokes for years and years, it just dawned on me it’s key to what I do as an artist…”

-Marc Austin