Utility Box  Installation

I was honored to be apart of the Downtown Revitalization Project funded by the

City Of Springfield’s Cultural District.

It was a week of creative, unified expression amongst like minded creatives…

The Process


I utilized the naturally formed lines of the Utility Box to attempt to create a design that was upbeat in color and shape, primarily focusing on these to attract a younger eye or youthful energy to the piece. I included linear, simplified shapes and bright colors. I started the project by sanding down the box to remove any surface imperfections and to promote the adhesion of primer in anticipation for the paints I planned to use. I taped off some area in the shapes of stationary as well as pencils and pens, erasers, etc. I was then able to use enamel paint with various paintbrushes to apply my design. I added some final details using glow in the dark paint to the roof so it would illuminate the night. I hoped everything about the piece would say “Happy”, “Fun” and “Interesting” when I was finished. I had a good time, but more so I felt the appreciation for being allowed to work in such a high traffic, well visited area within the City.

Piano Installation 

I was tasked with creating an artistic piano art installation design for the Public Works Department for the City Of Springfield. The revitalization project included repairing and painting 35 piano’s for installation at area public libraries and parks. These piano’s were then utilized in a concert series for the entire neighborhood. It was an immensely satisfactory feeling to be apart of something that improved the quality of life for residents of the area, as well as brightened someone else’s’ day through my creativity.


Photo Credit: Miguel Cabrera 

A Dollar And A Dream Photos (c)

The Process

I decided on a “Balanced” theme for this piece. I set out with the intention of having half of the piano be a linear, simplified shape pattern, and the other half being improvised, abstract shapes that I imagined on the spot. I lightly sanded the piano with 220 grit sandpaper, after which I taped off all the areas I did not want color. I started applying acrylic paint with a brush in various tones to the piano. When finished, I applied a lacquer to protect the finish. Completing this Art Installation was really enjoyable to do, especially considering these pianos were tuned the next day and able to be played by any resident of the city that wanted to afterwards..

An amazing Experience.. 

My piano design was displayed at a the Forest Park Middle School from March 2019 till June 2019 and was used in the “Concert In The Park Series” where area pianist were asked to play a series of Concerts around the city. It was such a pleasure as an artist to see other people come together and each enjoy other, and my work being contacted as the conduit for that in some part…