Or Just Some…..

Pride gas station on State Street in Springfield Massachusetts.
This was the scene of a “Black Lives Matter” protest on 6/5/2020 organized by members of “Black Lives Matter’
and the members of the community…

Do you mean all of us?

ALL the “Black Lives”?

or just the ones that follow the status quo, be good little negroes

and never break the rules?

Do you mean what you say when its “Black Lives Matter”? Or is that a tag phrase popular now to say. Do you mean all of us? All the “Black Lives”, or just the ones that follow the status quo and be good little negroes and never break the rules? Never challenging the system on any level or holding it accountable, or would rather make deals with our oppressors for extra favors? Is it all the “Black Lives” that matter, or just the brown skinned athletes and celebrities that are accepted? (All) Black Lives Matter (ALWAYS) Is it the drug addicted dark skinned man on the corner that matters? Or the brown skinned woman with 5 children struggling to make ends meet? Which “Black Lives”, and do you mean it when you say it? I would hope so because this is my life, not a tag line, photo opportunity or chance for clout based off perceived attention from likes. Are you really down? Like willing to shed blood? Because we have to be everyday since the alarm clock went off and woke us up to the facts of what we are and where we all are also….. – Marc Austin

We have all heard the tag lines being spewed from the rooftops but the question still remains as to the loyalty of the speakers…

I have less empathy for those using their mouths and more respect for those using their hands to and minds to help change what they perceive as injustice against the darker toned peoples of the World.

(All) Black Lives Matter (ALWAYS)