Featured Video – “Close Door” (A Short Film)

“Close Door” (2019)

A Short Film Directed By Marc Austin

Starring: Mark Jones, Rick vasquez 

Truck has a strange problem, he keeps having strange occurrences happen to him without explanation.

After a tense realization, he is confronted with a life or death situation. Will he make the ultimate sacrifice? 

Featured Videos – ‘The Eardrugz’

The Eardrugz is my music group.

It consists of myself and my brother Mark Jones. Also known as Truck Julius.

Here are a couple of our feature video productions

Produced, Shot and Edited by Vaughn Andrews…



‘The Eardrugz On Tour’

Live at RhymeCulture 

in Providence, Rhode Island

Shot By Yaseen for Rhymeculture LLC

Featured Video – “Just Another Day” The web Series

“Just Another Day” The Web Series 

(Pilot Episode)


Bio: Will finds a very important phone on his travels. Will he find out in time what he has, or find out the hard way that the messenger sometimes takes the shot?